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Alison Smith BSc (Hons), MSc, QTS, FRSPH, FitPro

Why I can help you


I have run my successful aerobics and dance business ‘Heelsdown’ since 1986 and have even competed at Wembly arena in the National Aerobics Championships (1993).



I have achieved three University degrees:

  • Honours degree in Sport & Exercise Science (1997)

  • Master of Science degree in Exercise Physiology (2002)

  • Master of Science degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology with a cardiology specialty (2015).

I believe that these areas of study have validated me as a health professional and strengthened my ability to design, implement and supervise exercise programming for those with chronic diseases, conditions and/or physical weaknesses.



In 2004 I obtained Qualified Teacher Status in Physical Education with dance and was involved in secondary education for 12 years before going on to work in Occupational Health as a wellbeing specialist.



My areas of expertise and interest lie within health-related exercise, particularly the therapeutic benefits on ageing populations - especially functional ageing and women's health from midlife to later years. I am passionate about developing training techniques and regimes for improving and maintaining physical abilities and independence - in particular, improving and maintaining heart, brain and musculoskeletal health. I am currently training as a Corrective Exercise Specialist following the BioMechanics Method. Once qualified, I will be able to address any musculoskeletal imbalances and movement dysfunctions to improve mobility and physical performance. I also have a special interest in the holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing, promoting the mind and body connection:


“One cannot function without the other. By addressing lifestyle habits such as sleep patterns, eating and drinking habits, physical activity and stress levels, habitual routines and behaviours, we can then see the bigger picture that will enable us to find solutions to improve both physical and mental wellbeing.”


I live in Staffordshire where I still teach community exercise and line dance classes. I also provide dance and fitness support to local schools. I aim to promote healthy lifestyles through workshops and presentations for both the workplace and general public.

“I am not only able to offer the knowledge and expertise obtained through my academic achievements, but I can offer the experience and instinct gained from my life’s work.  Helping others to improve their health and wellbeing, be happy, have fun and find contentment within themselves is my purpose and my happy place. When I’m not working I am usually out in nature with Max my Border Collie, gardening or enjoying the company of my friends. I also help my very able mum of 92 years young, supporting her needs and helping her to stay fit and healthy. She is living proof of a ‘life looked after’ rewards you with longevity and good health.”

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